Terms and conditions.​

Each jacket is painted by hand using brush or airbrush and higher end brands of acrylic paint.  Acrylics are used because they are bright and long-lasting (they are basically a form of water based liquid plastic).  They dry to a water-proof and flexible finish. Each finished piece is then coated in another layer of transparent glaze to further protect it.

As expected, leather is more flexible than the paint used; it is inevitable that there will be some cracking eventually, very similar to the lacquer cracks on a vintage guitar or old painted furniture. This is dependent on the area painted.  Artwork placed on a sleeve is more vulnerable to cracking than it would on the back of a jacket due to its movement.  However, with reasonable care any painting should last as long as the jacket itself.

Customers will contact GoGairy either by email or phone. This website includes a contact page where customers can also upload ideas of designs they might have. It is intended that each customer be allowed to see regular progress of their work through emails and phone calls.

An initial (non refundable) deposit of 25% by Paypal, cheque or postal order will be made after consultation and the client accepting terms and conditions. When the jacket has been received, the agreed work can proceed. Each jacket will be send by post at the owners risk; although they will be advised to send with adequate postal insurance and will be signed for on collection. They will be also made aware that all postage will be fully reimbursed when a copy of postal receipts are provided.

On completion each jacket will be returned by Parcel Force.  This ensures that each item is tracked and is signed for on delivery, keeping it as safe as possible.

Customers outside the UK will be able to contact Gogairy in much the same way as UK residents. However postage costs will differ in most cases and advice will be sought before proceeding.

In certain circumstances the client will ask that a design be produced on a jacket provided by Gogairy itself. This will require communication between both parties before work commences. Details of styles, sizes and colours as well as the desired artwork will be needed. The price of the Jacket will be included in the total price. Boots, bags and leather patches are also accepted.


Each piece of work is created individually by hand with the very greatest possible care and attention and is notpart of a production line.

During consultation with the client, pricing will be discussed on an individual basis as each piece of work is bespoke. Depending on the complexity of the design, pricing will start around £50 per hour spent on each piece for example;

A simple design or logo will start at around £100.

Larger pieces of more detailed work will obviously take longer to produce; therefore the price will reflect the work. A full colour back panel will start at at around £250 and more complex pieces up to £1000.

A bigger piece – for example the full back pieces in the galleries – will start at about £160 and as you’d expect the price will rise depending on complexity and detail.

Once GoGairy has sent you a quote for the work, that is what you will pay, even if the work takes longer than  expected.

The amount quoted also includes the cost of GoGairy sending your jacket back to you.  If you are in the UK this will be by Parcel Force, and if you live anywhere in the rest of the world this will be by the international equivalent.  These are the safest ways of getting your jacket back to you.

25% deposit is requested when each jacket is received at Gogairy.  At this time, GoGairy accepts UK cheques or Paypal (Payable to Richard Gair. Paypal – richgair@googlemail.com). The outstanding balance will be requested on completion of the work. Clients will be made aware of completion by email and phone calls. Photos can also be emailed or sent to smart phones as appropriate. Postal confirmation with photos can be made available. Failure to pay the remainder will result in GoGairy retaining the deposit and the client’s jacket.

Contacting Gogairy to enquire about work, or to request a quote puts the client under no obligation to commence with a project.


Each piece of work is guaranteed by Gogairy to be completed to the highest quality; the quote given for each project is final and binding. If clients are not fully satisfied with the work produced; they are welcome to a partial refund as deposits will be retained by Gogairy.

Gogairy is fully insured for damaged product or lost items. Damage to jackets or other items will be highlighted to the client by photo before work is agreed and commenced.