Tranforms your jacket

Contact GoGairy Hand painted Leathers and transform your Leather Jacket.

Each jacket is painted by hand using brush or airbrush and higher end brands of acrylic paint. Acrylics are used because they are bright and long-lasting (they are basically a form of water based liquid plastic).
They dry to a water-proof and flexible finish. Each finished piece is then coated in another layer of transparent glaze to further protect them.
Artwork placed on a sleeve is more vulnerable to cracking than it would on the back of a jacket due to its movement. However, with reasonable care any painting should last as long as the jacket itself.
You can contact GoGairy Hand Painted Leathers either by email or phone. As a customer; you will be able to see the progress of your Jacket through emails and phone calls.

About GoGairy Hand Painted Leathers.
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3 thoughts on “Tranforms your jacket

  1. Hello Goairy
    I’m looking for a quote to transform my faux leather jacket with a St Pauli Skull & bones front and back design

  2. I would like a design painted on my leather waist coat.
    It would be of a pirate design for my pirate rig could you give me a ruff estimate of price

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